Companies and Intellectual Commission

Practice Note 1 of 2011 – Companies and close corporations - postal and physical address requirements

  • This practice note is issued in terms of Regulation 4 of the Companies Regulation, 2011 and is applicable to companies (local and external) and close corporation filings.
    • The CIPC requires that all postal and physical addresses required by any electronic and manual form be structured in a specific manner in order to allow for better statistical records and data quality. In this regard the following information must be provided:
      • Physical address: Street number; Street name; Suburb/town/city; Province; and Street code
        • Postal address: Postal number or description; Suburb/town/city; Province; and Postal code
        • If the address provided is outside of the Republic, the country description must also be provided.
          • Any form filed with the CIPC that does not comply with the above requirements will be rejected.
            • Yours faithfully,

              Rory Voller
              Deputy Commissioner: CIPC

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