Companies and Intellectual Commission

Practice Note 3 of 2011 – Companies and close corporations - Procedure for approval for distribution of commission forms

  • This guidance note is issued in terms of Regulation 4 of the Companies Regulation, 2011 and is applicable to companies, close corporations and co-operative forms.
    • Customers requesting permission to reproduce companies, close corporations and co-operative forms must request such on a letterhead and address it to the relevant senior manager responsible for the division. The request must indicate the following minimum information:
      • Scope of distribution; Person or organisation requesting permission with contact details; Set of the forms to which the request relates.
      • The set of forms must contain at the bottom of each form the following disclaimer:
        • “This form is reproduced and/or distributed by <insert name of organisation> with the permission of the CIPC under Government Printing Works Authority number 11535 on conditions as determined by the CIPC from time to time. Copyright of this form vests with the CIPC and it is not liable for any misrepresentation or error on this form and any subsequent loss or damages suffered by any party in the use of this form.”
        • The CIPC will issue a formal letter indicating permission for the reproduction and distribution of the forms and the conditions on which it is provided.
          • It should be noted that the CIPC may revoke an organisation’s right to reproduce or distribute the forms at any time with prior notice.
            • Yours faithfully,

              Rory Voller
              Deputy Commissioner: CIPC

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