Companies and Intellectual Commission

Notice to Customers – Reactivation of customer verification

  • Kindly note that the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is reactivating the cutomer verification function regarding the form CoR 39 (the electronic lodgement of director changes) as from the 1st of August 2011.
    • In order to file a CoR 39 electronically the following steps must be completed:
      • (1) Register as customer with CIPC;
        • (2) Face-to-face verification with the service provider. FoneWorx (visit its website at;
          • (3) Re-register on CIPC website for customer verification: Log in as Customer/Companies/Pre-registration;
            • (4) Pre-register the CoR 39 on the CIPC website by clicking on the Companies icon on the left menu (Director Amendments Certificate) and forward the supporting documents required for the CoR 39 to the indicated e-mail address;
              • (5) CIPC verifies supporting documents for the CoR 39 and if they are correct it will forward the password to the customer;
                • (6) The customer must log in to the CIPC website and access the electornic CoR 39;
                  • (7) The service provider will forward ODP (One-day-Pin) to the cell phone number of the customer who is accessing the electronic CoR 39;
                    • (8) The customer provides ODP and if successful, access will be provided to the electronic CoR 39;
                      • (9) The customer provides details and password as provided by CIPC; and
                        • (10) Customer completes and submits the CoR 39.
                        • Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

                          Astrid Ludin
                          Commissioner: CIPC

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