Companies and Intellectual Commission

Practice Note 9 of 2011 – Use of customer codes on CoR14.1, CoR15.2, CK1 and CK2

  • This practice note is issued in terms of Regulation 4 of the Companies Regulations, 2011.
    • The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has been notified of instances in which name reservation certificates (Form CoR 9.4) are stolen and used to effect registrations or name changes for other parties.
      • In order to address this problem, the CIPC will require that the customer code used to effect the CoR 9.1, CoR 9.2, CoR 10.1 and CoR 10.2 applications be the same as the customer code used when lodging CoR 14.1, CoR 15.2, CK1 and CK2 applications, all of which require a form CoR 9.4. The date of implementing this control measure will be the 25th August 2011.
        • If different customer code have to be used, the CIPC will from the said date, require that the CoR 14.1, CoR 15.2, CK1 or CK2 applications be accompanied by a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney must identify both the applicant for forms CoR 9.1, CoR 9.2, CoR 10.1 or CoR 10.2 and the applicant for forms CoR 14.1, CoR 15.2, CK1 or CK2, and must provide the reason for different customer codes. The Power of Attorney must be commissioned by the applicant indicated on form CoR 9.4.
          • Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the application being rejected.
            • Please note:
              • - Every customer is kindly reminded to keep their Customer Code PIN confidential.
                • - The New Companies Act makes provision for an official transfer of a reserved name through use of a form CoR 11.1.
                • Kind Regards

                  Astrid Ludin
                  Commissioner: CIPC

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