Companies and Intellectual Commission

Practice Note - Valued Customer

  • In the view of the increased number of requests received by the CIPC for the amendment of e-mail addresses used for requesting and receiving password in relation to electronic requests for changes in directorship (“electronic CoR 39”), and in an effort to improve our services offered to our cutomers kindly take note that companies and their directors will from the date of this practice note, be able to effect such changes themselves.
    • However, in order to ensure that this added service is not misused, the following measures have been put in place, which will allow only persons who are duly authorised to effect such changes.
      • These measures are:
        • 1. The submission of an affidavit indicating: the request to change the e-mail address as reflected on CIPC records; the previous e-mail address; the reason for the change of e-mail address.
          • 2. An original certified copy of the ID of the holder of the previous e-mail address.
            • 3. A certified copy of a resolution by the remaining directors in instances where the holder of the previous e-mail address is no longer a director of the company, which resolution should clearly state that the e-mail address should be changed, and the details of the new e-mail address.
            • The documents as listed here above must be submitted to
              • In order to access these services, kindly visit our website at Log-in by using your customer log-in details. Under the Companies Menu, and the heading “Directors Amendment”, go to the sub-heading “Update Contact Details”.
                • We trust that you will find the above information in order and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

                  Astrid Ludin
                  Commissioner: CIPC

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