Companies and Intellectual Commission

Guidance Note 1 of 2012 – Change of financial year end

  • This guidance note is issued in terms of Regulation 4 of the Companies Regulation, 2011 and is applicable to companies.
    • A company may change its financial year end by lodging a Form CoR25 with the CIPC
      • The form must comply with the following requirements:
        • 1 It must be the first change of the financial year end, as a company may only change its financial year end once during a particular financial year;
          • 2 The current financial year must not have ended;
            • 3 The new financial year end must be later than the date of the lodgement of the Form CoR25 with the CIPC;
              • 4 The new financial year end may not result in a financial year longer than 15 months;
                • 5 The Form CoR25 must be signed by an active director, company secretary or other authorised person of the company.
                • In order to determine whether the Form CoR25 complies with the above requirements, the day, month and year of the current financial year end, as well as the new financial year end, must be clearly specified on the form.

                  Astrid Ludin
                  Commissioner: CIPC

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