Chapter 2: Formation, Administration and Dissolution of Companies
Part A: Reservation and registration of company names

R11: Transfer of reserved names

  • (1) An application to transfer the reservation of a name, or the registration of a defensive name, to another person- a) must be made in Form CoR 11.1, and accompanied by the fee set out in Table CR 1; and
    • (a) in the case of a-
      • (i) name reservation in respect of which satisfactory evidence of any facts was required in terms of regulation 8, must be accompanied by satisfactory evidence of the comparable facts in relation to the transferee; or
        • (ii) registration of a defensive name, must be accompanied by satisfactory evidence that the transferee has a direct and material interest in the name.
      • (2) As soon as practicable after receiving an application to transfer a name reservation or the registration of a defensive name, the Commission must issue to the applicant-
        • (a) a Notice Requiring Further Particulars in Form CoR 9.3, if the Commission requires more information to satisfy any relevant requirements in terms of regulation 8 or sub-regulation (1)(b); or
          • (b) a Notice Confirming a Name Reservation or Registration in Form CoR 9 .4, if the Commission has accepted the Notice of Transfer of the name; or
            • (c) a Notice Refusing a Name Transfer in Form CoR 11.2 if the use of that name by the transferee is prohibited on the grounds that the evidence of matters contemplated in regulation 8 or sub-regulation (1)(b) is unsatisfactory.

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