Chapter 5: Fundamental Transactions and Takeover Regulations
Part E: Takeover Panel procedures

R121: Reporting to Panel

  • (1) A person who has acquired or disposed of any beneficial interest in a class of securities of a regulated company in a sufficient quantity that, as a result of that transaction, the person's total holdings of that class of securities transitted a percentage threshold contemplated in section 122 (1) must give the notice required by that section in Form TRP 121.1.
    • (2) For the purposes of Part B and Part C of Chapter 5 of the Act and this Chapter reporting compliance by a company in terms of-
      • (a) Section 122 (3)(a) requires completion and delivery to the Panel of Form TRF 121.2; and
        • (b) section 122 (3)(b) of the Act must take the form of an announcement, as defined in Part B and Part C of Chapter 5 of the Act and this Chapter.
        • (3) If a regulated company becomes aware that a person has failed to make a disclosure required by section 122, the regulated company must lodge a complaint with the Panel in terms of Section 168 of the Act.

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