Chapter 7: Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings
Part C: Alternative dispute resolution

R132: Alternative dispute resolution procedures

  • (1) A person may refer a matter for alternative dispute resolution to the Tribunal or to an accredited entity, as contemplated in section 166 (1) and elsewhere in the Act, by filing a completed Form CTR 132.1 with the Tribunal or the accredited entity.
    • (2) The Commission or the Panel may refer a complaint to be resolved by alternative dispute resolution, as contemplated in section 169 (1)(b), by delivering a copy of Form CTR 132.2, to the complainant, the respondent and the Tribunal or accredited dispute resolution entity.
      • (3) A Certificate of Failed Dispute Resolution, as contemplated in section 166 (2), must be in Form CTR 132.3.

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