Chapter 7: Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings
Part D: Commission or Panel complaint and investigation procedures

R136: Multiple complaints

  • (1) At any time after a complaint has been initiated by the Commission or the Panel, or submitted by another person, the Commission or Panel, as the case may be, may publish a notice disclosing an alleged contravention of the Act and inviting any person who believes that the alleged contravention has affected or is affecting a material interest of that person to file a further complaint in respect of that matter.
    • (2) The Commission or the Panel may consolidate two or more complaints under a common investigation if they concern the same person as potential respondent, and substantially the same conduct by that person.
      • (3) If the Commission or the Panel consolidates two or more complaints as permitted by sub-regulation (2)-
        • (a) each of those complaints must continue to be separately identified by its own complaint number;
          • (b) each person who submitted one of those complaints remains the complainant with respect to the complaint that they submitted; and
            • (c) after referring one of those consolidated complaints to the Tribunal, or issuing a notice of non-referral in respect of it, the Commission or the Panel may continue to investigate any of the remaining consolidated complaints.

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