Chapter 7: Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings
Part E: Initiating Tribunal procedures

R143: Answer

  • (1) Within 20 business days after being served with a Complaint Referral, or an application, that has been filed with the Tribunal, a respondent who wishes to oppose the complaint or application must-
    • (a) serve a copy of an Answer on the initiating party; and
      • (b) file the Answer with proof of service.
      • (2) An Answer that raises only a point of law must set out the question of law to be resolved.
        • (3) Any other Answer must be in affidavit form, setting out in numbered paragraphs-
          • (a) a concise statement of the grounds on which the complaint or application is opposed;
            • (b) the material facts or points of law on which the respondent relies; and
              • (c) an admission or denial of each ground, and of each material fact relevant to each ground, set out in the complaint or application.
              • (4) An allegation of fact set out in an initiating document that is not specifically denied or admitted in an Answer must be regarded as having been admitted.
                • (5) In an Answer, the respondent must qualify or explain a denial of an allegation, to the extent necessary in the circumstances.

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