Chapter 7: Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings
Part E: Initiating Tribunal procedures

R148: Withdrawals and postponements

  • (1) At any time before the Tribunal has determined a matter, the initiating party may withdraw all or part of the matter by-
    • (a) serving a Notice of Withdrawal in form CTR 148 on each party; and
      • (b) filing the Notice of Withdrawal with proof of service.
      • (2) If the parties agree to postpone a hearing; the initiating party must notify the recording officer as soon as possible.
        • (3) Subject to any provision of the Act to the contrary-
          • (a) a Notice of Withdrawal may include a consent to pay costs; and
            • (b) if no consent to pay costs is contained in a Notice of Withdrawal the other party may apply to the Tribunal by Notice of Motion for an appropriate order for costs.

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