Chapter 7: Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings
Part F: Conduct of Tribunal proceedings

R157: Representation of parties

  • (1) A representative acting on behalf of any person in any proceedings must notify the recording officer and every other party, advising them of the following particulars:
    • (a) the representative's name;
      • (b) the postal address and place of employment or business; and
        • (c) if a fax number, telephone number or email address are available, those details.
        • (2) A person who terminates their representative's authority to act in any proceedings, and then acts in person or appoints another representative, must notify the recording officer and every other party of that termination, and of the appointment of another representative, if any, and include that representative's particulars, as set out in subrule (1).
          • (3) On receipt of a notice in terms of sub-regulation (1) or (2), the address of the representative or the party, as the case may be, will become the address of record for notices to and for service on that party of all documents in the proceedings.
            • (4) Despite sub-regulation (3), a person who, before receiving a notice in terms of sub-regulation (1) or (2), has sent a notice to, or effected service on, a party somewhere other than at the address of record will be deemed to have validly served that item, unless the Tribunal orders otherwise.
              • (5) A representative in any proceedings who ceases to act for a party must deliver a notice to that effect to that party and every other party concerned.
                • (6) A notice delivered in terms of sub-regulation (5) must state the names and addresses of each party who is being notified.
                  • (7) After receiving a notice referred to in sub-regulation (5), the address of the party formerly represented becomes the address for notices to, and for service on, that party of all documents in the proceedings, unless a new address is furnished for that purpose.

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