Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration
Part A: Regulatory agency offices and functions

R165: Office hours and address of regulatory agencies

  • (1) The senior officer of a regulatory agency, after consulting the Minister-
    • (a) must publish a notice designating a principal office for that regulatory agency, including in the notice all relevant particulars for public contact with that office; and
      • (b) may at any time publish a notice-
        • (i) designating other offices, and their respective contact particulars; or
          • (ii) change the designated principal office, or any other office, or any relevant contact particulars.
        • (2) The offices of a regulatory agency are open to the public every Monday to Friday, from 08h00 to 15h30, excluding any public holiday established or declared in terms of the Public Holidays Act, 1004 (Act No. 36 of 1994).
          • (3) Despite sub-paragraph (2)-
            • (a) in exceptional circumstances a regulatory office may-
              • (i) close to the public if the senior officer considers it necessary to do so in the interests of safety, security, inability to properly perform its functions or other appropriate reason; or
                • (ii) accept documents for filing on any day and at any time; and
                • (b) a regulatory agency must accept documents for filing as directed by either the Tribunal or a member of the Tribunal assigned by its chairperson.
                • (4) Subject to regulations 7 and 169, any communication to a regulatory agency, or to a member of the staff of a regulatory agency, may be-
                  • (a) Delivered by hand at, or addressed by post to, the regulatory agency's principal office;
                    • (b) Communicated by telephone on a number designated in terms of subregulation (1);
                      • (c) Transmitted by fax on a number designated in terms of sub-regulation (1);
                        • (d) Transmitted by electronic mail to an address designated in terms of subregulation (1); or
                          • (e) Transmitted electronically through the medium of any internet facility maintained by the regulatory agency for that purpose.

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