Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration
Part A: Regulatory agency offices and functions

R169: Electronic filing and payments

  • (1) The senior officer of a regulatory agency, by notice in the Gazette, may direct that any requirement set out in the Act or these regulations to file a document or communicate with, or make a payment to, that regulatory agency may or must be satisfied in electronic form, subject to any operational requirements published in terms of sub-regulation (2).
    • (2) If the senior officer of a regulatory agency has published a notice contemplated in sub-regulation (1), the recording officer of that regulatory agency must publish operational requirements setting out the processes and procedures to be followed to effect any filing of a document or communication with, or payment to, that regulatory agency, including, but not limited to-
      • (a) Application procedures;
        • (b) Registration procedures;
          • (c) Form and format of records;
            • (d) Manner and form of payment;
              • (e) Information security requirements; and
                • (f) Record retention requirements.
                • (3) At any time, a regulatory agency may suspend or terminate any electronic services contemplated in this regulation.

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