Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration
Part A: Regulatory agency offices and functions

R170: Fees

  • (1) A regulatory agency may not charge a fee to any person for filing a complaint in terms of the Act, except with the approval of the Tribunal.
    • (2) The fee for filing a document with a regulatory agency, or requesting any action by a regulatory agency, is as set out in Table CR1, CR2A or B.
      • (3) In the case of electronic payment of fees, payment will be deemed to be received by a regulatory agency on the date and at the time that a direct deposit or an electronic transfer of funds or other electronic payment, in the amount of that fee is credited to the account of the regulatory agency at the financial institution to which it is transferred.
        • (4) The recording officer of a regulatory agency may not waive or reduce a fee imposed in terms of the Act, except as authorized by the Act or these regulations.
          • (5) Subject to regulation 40(3)(b)(ii) and (6), no prescribed fee referred to in regulation 30(1) or (6) which is outstanding due to non-compliance by the company or external company with the requirements of section 33 to file an annual return, will after 6 months from the date on which the annual return was due to be filed, for financial accounting purposes of the Commission be regarded as a debt owing to the Commission.

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