Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration
Part A: Regulatory agency offices and functions

R172: Regulatory agency notices

  • (1) A regulatory agency must publish any notice required or contemplated by the Act or these regulations-
    • (a) in the Gazette, if expressly required to do so by the Act or these regulations; or
      • (b) on its website, in any other case.
      • (2) Whenever a regulatory agency is required, either in terms of the Act or these regulations, to publish a notice in the Gazette, that notice must contain at least the following information:
        • (a) The name of any person directly affected by the notice.
          • (b) The file number assigned by the regulatory agency to the relevant matter.
            • (c) The provision of the Act or regulations in terms of which the notice is being issued.
              • (d) A brief and concise description of the nature of the relevant matter.
                • (e) If the notice invites submissions, the last date on which submissions may be received
                  • (f) If the notice reports a decision-
                    • (i) a brief and concise description of the nature of the relevant decision;
                      • (ii) a statement indicating whether reasons for the decision have been published, and if so, how a copy of those reasons may be obtained; and
                        • (iii) a statement of any right of review of, or appeal from, that decision, including the period during which a review or appeal may be lodged.
                        • (g) The name, address and contact numbers of the person in the regulatory agency responsible for publishing the notice.

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