Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration
Part A: Regulatory agency offices and functions

R174: Content and standards for commission registers

  • (1) A regulatory agency must keep any register required in terms of the Act in an official language of the Republic, in a manner sufficient to provide an adequate information base to-
    • (a) enable the regulatory agency to satisfy all reporting requirements applicable to it, in terms of the Act or any other applicable law;
      • (b) provide simple and efficient access to the public to information required to exercise any right in terms of the Act, or any other applicable law.
      • (2) The registers required to be kept by the Act must be kept in such a manner as-
        • (a) to provide adequate precautions against-
          • (i) theft, loss or intentional or accidental damage or destruction; and
            • (ii) falsification; and
            • (b) to facilitate the discovery and correction of any error or falsification.
            • (3) If a regulatory agency keeps any register partially or completely in electronic form, the regulatory agency must-
              • (a) provide adequate precautions against loss of the records as a result of damage to, or failure of, the media on which the records are kept; and
                • (b) ensure that information in the register is capable of being retrieved to a readable and printable form, including by converting the records from legacy to later storage media, or software, to the extent necessary from time to time.
                • (4) Each regulatory agency may determine the specific form of any register, and the particular manner in which information is recorded in or compiled from any register.

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