Chapter 2: Formation, Administration and Dissolution of Companies
Part F: Governance of companies

R35: Pre-incorporation contracts

  • (1) A person may give notice to a company of a pre-incorporation contract or action contemplated in section 21 (1), by filing, and delivering to the company, a notice in Form CoR 35.1.
    • (2) If the board of a company has completely or partially rejected, or completely or partially ratified, a pre-incorporation contract or action of which it has received notice, as contemplated in section 21 (3), the company must, within five business days-
      • (a) file a notice of its decision with respect to that contract or action in Form CoR 35.2; and
        • (b) deliver a copy of that notice to each person who is a party to the contract or materially affected by the action.

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