Chapter 4: Offerings of Company Securities
Part B: Requirements concerning offering of securities

R49: Letters of allocation in respect of unlisted securities

  • (1) A company desiring to issue a letter of allocation in respect of unlisted securities must-
    • (a) file a copy of-
      • (i) the letter of allocation for registration; and
        • (ii) any document required in the circumstances by section 99 (4);
        • (b) file any agreement referred to in a document contemplated in paragraph (a), with a translation in an official language, if the agreement is not already in an official language; and
          • (c) pay the prescribed fee as set out in Table CR 2B.
          • (2) Upon registering the documents referred to in sub-regulation (1), the Commission must deliver a certificate of the registration of the letter of allocation to the company concerned or the person who submitted them on behalf of the company.
            • (3) Every letter of allocation that is issued must-
              • (a) state on the face of it that a copy of it, together with copies of all other documents referred to in sub-regulation (1), have been filed; and
                • (b) include a statement advising that copies of every document referred to in sub-regulation (1) are available, and setting out the manner by which any such copy may be obtained.
                • (4) Sub-regulation (3)(b) does not apply to any letter of allocation issued in connection with a renunciation of part of the rights to subscribe in terms of the rights offer.

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