Chapter 1: General Provisions
Part B: Guidelines, Practice Notes, Forms, Notices and other documents

R5: Forms and filing requirements

  • (1) Whenever a document is required-
    • (a) in terms of a section of the Act that is listed in column 1 of Table CR 1, or a provision of these regulations that is listed in column 1 of Table CR 1; and
      • (b) for a purpose listed in column 2 of that Table, the document must be substantially in the form of the annexure listed opposite that section number in column 3 of that Table, and must be produced, delivered, or filed as the case may be subject to any conditions or requirements listed opposite that section number in column 4 of that Table.
      • (2) If a regulatory agency has reasonable grounds for uncertainty whether a copy of a document to be filed is in fact unaltered, as contemplated in section 6 (7), the regulatory agency may require the person seeking to file that document to provide a certified copy of the document.
        • (3) The Commission may from time to time by written notice request a company to file a copy of any document that had previously been filed under the Act or these regulations: Provided that no prescribed fee that would normally be required when tiling any such document will he payable when filing the copy in compliance with the request.

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