Chapter 4: Offerings of Company Securities
Part B: Requirements concerning offering of securities

R51: General requirements for a prospectus

  • (1) Every prospectus must be produced in a style that satisfies the requirements set out in section 6 (4) to (6).
    • (2) As far as possible the general matter of a prospectus must be presented in narrative form, and statistical matter must be presented in tabular form.
      • (3) The information required by the Act and these regulations to be stated in a prospectus must-
        • (a) be set out in print or type;
          • (b) be not less conspicuous than that in which any additional matter is printed or typed;
            • (c) be organised in accordance with the order, and use the headings, of the subparts and each of the regulations comprising Part C, as applicable in terms of regulation 55 or 56, as the case may be.
            • (4) Every prospectus issued must-
              • (a) state on its face that it is a copy of a registered prospectus; and
                • (b) specify or refer to statements included in it specifying any documents required by the Act or this Chapter to be endorsed on or attached to or to accompany the prospectus when it is filed.

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