Chapter 7: Remedies and Enforcement
Part F: Companies Tribunal adjudication procedures

s180: Adjudication hearings before Tribunal

  • (1) The Companies Tribunal:
    • (a) must conduct its adjudication proceedings contemplated in this Act expeditiously and in accordance with the principles of natural justice; and
      • (b) may conduct those proceedings informally.
      • (2) If adjudication proceedings before the Tribunal are open to the public, the Tribunal may exclude members of the public, or specific persons or categories of persons, from attending the proceedings:
        • (a) if evidence to be presented is confidential information, but only to the extent that the information cannot otherwise be protected;
          • (b) if the proper conduct of the hearing requires it; or
            • (c) for any other reason that would be justifiable in civil proceedings in a High Court.
            • (3) At the conclusion of adjudication proceedings, the presiding member must issue a decision together with written reasons for the decision.

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