Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part A: Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

s186: Commission objectives

  • (1) The objectives of the Commission are:
    • (a) the efficient and effective registration of:
      • (i) companies, and external companies, in terms of this Act;
        • (ii) other juristic persons, in terms of any applicable legislation referred to in Schedule 4; and
          • (iii) intellectual property rights, in terms of any relevant legislation;
          • (b) the maintenance of accurate, up-to-date and relevant information concerning companies, foreign companies and other juristic persons contemplated in subsection (1)(a)(ii), and concerning intellectual property rights, and the provision of that information to the public and to other organs of state;
            • (c) the promotion of education and awareness of company and intellectual property laws, and related matters;
              • (d) the promotion of compliance with this Act, and any other applicable legislation; and
                • (e) the efficient, effective and widest possible enforcement of this Act, and any other legislation listed in Schedule 4.
                • (2) To achieve its objectives, the Commission may:
                  • (a) have regard to international developments in the field of company and intellectual property law; or
                    • (b) consult any person, organisation or institution with regard to any matter.

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