Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part A: Companies and Intellectual Property Commission

s190: Minister may direct policy and require investigation

  • (1) In this section, "this Act" has the meaning set out in section 1, but also includes any legislation listed in Schedule 4.
    • (2) The Minister:
      • (a) by notice in the Gazette, may issue policy directives to the Commission with respect to the application, administration and enforcement of this Act, but any such directive must be consistent with this Act; and
        • (b) may at any time direct the Commission to investigate:
          • (i) an alleged contravention of this Act; or
            • (ii) any matter or circumstances with respect to the administration of one or more companies in terms of this Act, whether or not those circumstances appear at the time of the direction to amount to a possible contravention of this Act.

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