Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part B: Companies Tribunal

s194: Appointment of Companies Tribunal

  • (1) The Minister must:
    • (a) appoint the chairperson and other members of the Companies Tribunal no later than the date on which this Act comes into operation; and
      • (b) appoint a person to fill any vacancy on the Tribunal.
      • (2) A person may not be:
        • (a) appointed as chairperson or member of the Tribunal unless the person satisfies the requirements of section 205; or
          • (b) reappointed to a second term as chairperson of the Tribunal.
          • (3) The Tribunal must comprise:
            • (a) persons with suitable qualifications and experience in economics, law, commerce, industry or public affairs; and
              • (b) sufficient persons with legal training and experience to satisfy the requirements of section 195(3)(a).
              • (4) The Minister must designate a member of the Tribunal as deputy chairperson of the Tribunal.
                • (5) The deputy chairperson performs the functions of chairperson whenever:
                  • (a) the office of chairperson is vacant; or
                    • (b) the chairperson is for any other reason temporarily unable to perform those functions.
                    • (6) Sections 206 and 207 apply to the chairperson and other members of the Tribunal.
                      • (7) The chairperson and each other member of the Tribunal serves for a term of five years and may, subject to subsection (2)(b), be reappointed for a second term.

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