Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part C: Takeover Regulation Panel

s201: Functions of Panel

  • (1) The Panel is responsible to:
    • (a) regulate affected transactions and offers to the extent provided for, and in accordance with, Parts B and C of Chapter 5 and the Takeover Regulations;
      • (b) investigate complaints with respect to affected transactions and offers in accordance with Part D of Chapter 7;
        • (c) apply for a court order to wind up a company, in the manner contemplated in section 81(1)(f); and
          • (d) consult with the Minister in respect of additions, deletions or amendments to the Takeover Regulations.
          • (2) The Panel may:
            • (a) consult with any person at the request of any interested party with a view to advising on the application of a provision of Parts B and C of Chapter 5, or the Takeover Regulations;
              • (b) issue, amend or withdraw information on current policy in regard to proposed affected transactions contemplated in Parts B and C of Chapter 5, to serve as guidelines for the benefit of persons concerned in such proposed transactions;
                • (c) receive and deal with representations relating to any matter with which it may deal in terms of this Act; and
                  • (d) perform any other function assigned to it by legislation.
                  • (3) In exercising its powers and performing its functions the Panel must not express any view or opinion on the commercial advantages or disadvantages of any transaction or proposed transaction.

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