Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part E: Administrative provisions applicable to agencies

s205: Qualifications for membership

  • (1) To be eligible for appointment, designation or co-option as a member of the Companies Tribunal, the Panel, or the Council, and to continue to hold that office, a person must, in addition to satisfying any other specific requirements set out in this Act:
    • (a) not be subject to any disqualification set out in subsection (2); and
      • (b) have submitted to the Minister a written declaration stating that the person is not disqualified in terms of subsection (2).
      • (2) A person may not become, or continue to be, a member of the Companies Tribunal, the Panel, or the Council, if that person:
        • (a) is an office-bearer of any party, movement, organisation or body of a partisan political nature;
          • (b) personally or through a related person has or acquires a personal financial interest that may conflict or interfere with the proper performance of the duties of a member of the Tribunal, Panel, or Council;
            • (c) is disqualified in terms of section 69 from serving as a director of a company; or
              • (d) is subject to an order of a competent court holding that person to be mentally unfit or disordered.

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