Chapter 8: Regulatory Agencies and Administration of Act
Part E: Administrative provisions applicable to agencies

s207: Resignation, removal from office and vacancies

  • (1) A member of the Companies Tribunal or the Council may resign by giving to the Minister:
    • (a) one month written notice; or
      • (b) less than one month written notice, with the approval of the Minister.
      • (2) A member of the Panel may resign by giving written notice jointly to the Minister and the relevant entity responsible for the designation of that member, if any.
        • (3) The Minister, after taking the steps required by subsection (4), may remove a member of the Companies Tribunal, Panel or Council only if that member has:
          • (a) become disqualified in terms of section 205(2);
            • (b) acted contrary to section 206(2);
              • (c) failed to disclose an interest or withdraw from a meeting as required by section 206(3); or
                • (d) neglected to properly perform the functions of their office.
                • (4) Before removing a person from office in terms of subsection (3), the Minister must afford the person an opportunity to state a case in defence of their position.

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