Chapter 9: Offences, Miscellaneous Matters and General Provisions
Part A: Offences and Penalties

s213: Breach of confidence

  • (1) It is an offence to disclose any confidential information concerning the affairs of any person obtained:
    • (a) in carrying out any function in terms of this Act; or
      • (b) as a result of initiating a complaint, or participating in any proceedings in terms of this Act.
      • (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to information disclosed:
        • (a) as contemplated in section 206(2)(e)(i) or (ii) or 212(5) to (7);
          • (b) for the purpose of the proper administration or enforcement of this Act;
            • (c) for the purpose of the administration of justice;
              • (d) at the request of the Commission, the Panel, an inspector or investigator, the Companies Tribunal, or a court entitled to receive the information; or
                • (e) when required to do so by any court or under any law.

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