Chapter 2: Formation, Administration and Dissolution of Companies
Part G: Winding-up of solvent companies and deregistering companies

s83: Effect of removal of company from register

  • (1) A company is dissolved as of the date its name is removed from the companies register unless the reason for the removal is that the company's registration has been transferred to a foreign jurisdiction, as contemplated in section 82(5).
    • (2) The removal of a company's name from the companies register does not affect the liability of any former director or shareholder of the company or any other person in respect of any act or omission that took place before the company was removed from the register.
      • (3) Any liability contemplated in subsection (2) continues and may be enforced as if the company had not been removed from the register.
        • (4) At any time after a company has been dissolved:
          • (a) the liquidator of the company, or other person with an interest in the company, may apply to a court for an order declaring the dissolution to have been void, or any other order that is just and equitable in the circumstances; and
            • (b) if the court declares the dissolution to have been void, any proceedings may be taken against the company as might have been taken if the company had not been dissolved.

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