Companies and Intellectual Commission

Notice to Customers – Lodging of financial statements

  • In the notice “Submittance of Annual Returns”, dated 6 July 2011, customers were informed that the CIPC was waiving the lodgement of financial statements and supplements on annual returns up until 31 March 2012, except for Public and State Owned Companies.
    • For purposes of submission of financial statements, the e-mail address has been created. This e-mail address is solely for the purpose of the lodgement of financial statements, and the CIPC will not respond to any enquiries addressed to this e-mail address.
      • Customers are requested to provide the company name and the financial year in the subject heading of the e-mail, in order to enable the CIPC to record the lodging of the financial statements against the applicable enterprise.
        • This e-mail address, is available on the CIPC website at, under “Quick Contact Info”.
          • Public and State Owned Companies which are mandated to prepare audited financial statements in terms of Section 30(2)(a) of the Companies Act, 2008, and were required to file such with the CIPC together with its annual returns in terms of Companies Regulation 30(2) as from 1 May 2011, is requested to submit such financial statements via this dedicated e-mail address even though the annual returns may already have been lodged.

            Astrid Ludin
            Commissioner: CIPC

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