Chapter 9: Offences, Miscellaneous Matters and General Provisions
Part C: Regulations, consequential matters and commencement

s223: Regulations

  • (1) The Minister:
    • (a) may make any regulations expressly authorised or contemplated elsewhere in this Act, in accordance with subsection (2);
      • (b) in consultation with the Commission, and by notice in the Gazette, may make regulations for matters relating to the functions of the Commission, including:
        • (i) forms;
          • (ii) time periods;
            • (iii) information required;
              • (iv) additional definitions applicable to those regulations;
                • (v) filing fees;
                  • (vi) access to confidential information;
                    • (vii) manner and form of participation in Commission procedures; and
                      • (viii) forms of Memorandum of Incorporation and requirements concerning the offering of securities;
                      • (c) in consultation with the Chairperson of the Panel, and by notice in the Gazette, may make:
                        • (i) regulations for matters relating to the functions of the panel, respectively; and
                          • (ii) rules for the conduct of matters before the Panel; and
                          • (d) may make regulations regarding:
                            • (i) any forms required to be used for the purposes of this Act; and
                              • (ii) in general, any ancillary or incidental matter that is necessary for the proper implementation and administration of this Act.
                            • (2) Before making any regulations in terms of this Act, the Minister must publish the proposed regulations for public comment, subject to subsection (3).
                              • (3) In the case of regulations prescribing financial reporting standards as contemplated in section 29(4)(a), the provisions of subsection (2) do not apply.
                                • (4) A regulation in terms of this Act must be made by notice in the Gazette.

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