Chapter 4: Public Offerings of Company Securities
Part None: None

s111: Conditional allotment if prospectus states securities to be listed

  • (1) A prospectus containing a statement to the effect that application has been or will be made for permission for the securities offered thereby to be listed on an exchange must not be issued unless:
    • (a) an application has in fact been made in accordance with the requirements of the relevant exchange on or before the date of issue of that prospectus; and
      • (b) the prospectus names the particular exchange to which the application has been made.
      • (2) Any allotment of securities in pursuance of a prospectus referred to in subsection (1) is subject to the condition that:
        • (a) the application contemplated in subsection (1)(a) is granted; or
          • (b) an appeal against a refusal of such an application is upheld.

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